How Hiring a Telesales Outsourcing Company Can Help Your Business Growth?

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How Hiring a Telesales Outsourcing Company Can Help Your Business Growth?

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Most Australian businesses are in expansion mode post-pandemic to shed the stagnancy in their business operations. However, the rising demand for telesales professionals and local scarcity has affected small businesses who can’t find the right candidates to build or extend their team.

At Virtual Team, we help small and mid-sized Australian businesses to select the right candidate for their business operations. Several businesses across different industry verticals have relied on us and benefitted from low-cost offshoring solution in the following way.

Find the Right Candidate for Telesales Services

Every business is unique in terms of operations. It has a defined audience to which they provide products and services. While building a telesales team for your business, you need candidates who can handle the discussion with customers and identify the opportunities for product sales. They should be good at inbound and outbound telemarketing.

At Virtual Team, our experts take time to fully understand these requirements and create a job description for the ideal candidate for the role. Moreover, we also look at skill-gap closely and ensure that the candidate has the desired skill-set and sufficient experience for the job.

Plugging Skill Gap at A Low Cost

Most small business face a challenge in finding the right talent who are skilled enough to meet their business expectations within their budget. Local candidates for some roles are far too expensive and beyond their budget.

Virtual Team is Australia’s offshoring expert that offers trusted offshoring solutions for small businesses. We identify the candidates from offshore location in India that are available at a fraction of cost. In this way, the overall cost of operation is reduced by up to 70 per cent.

Work Like an Onshore Employee

Australian businesses that have been relying on local employees to run their business operations are sceptical about having an offshore employee run the operations. They might be thinking about the interpersonal issues that could be there while working in a team environment.

We understand this concern fully. Whenever we hire an offshore candidate, we clarify about the working hours and also about the working environment. While shortlisting the candidates, we consider their communication as well as their interpersonal skills. Thus, we ensure that there are minimal issues when the candidate joins your team.

Help to Grow Your Business Round the Clock

Small businesses that hire a local team face another challenge – they work only during the regular business hours. It also means that the operations stop after that. However, this challenge is best overcome when you have a telesales team that works in those hours when the local team is unavailable.

At Virtual Team, we have helped many of our customers grow at a fast-pace and expand their operations round the clock. Your offshore telesales team will work during those hours when the local team is not available. Once your operations are available round the clock, the team can handle more customer calls, accelerating the growth of your business.

Flexibility to Scale Operations

For small and growing businesses, scalability of operations is something that they desire but are unable to, as there is lack of resources, and higher costs involved. A growth plan success hinges on several things, that also includes the right talent for implementation.

By leveraging our offshoring expertise, small businesses can scale their operations quickly at a low cost. We work closely with you for the success of your growth plans, taking an approach that of a strategic partner. It helps us to proactively identify the skill-gaps and fill the vacant roles that could potentially cause disruption.


Virtual Team – Leading Telesales Outsourcing Company in Australia

Since inception, we have been helping Australian businesses expand and grow with the right candidates in their team. We identify the right talent based on the job description that you provide. Our team lines up potential candidates who have the skills, experience and the expertise to deliver on the job responsibilities.

We have served various industry verticals – telecommunication, hospitality, finance, transport & logistics, healthcare, and information technology. Any offshore candidate that you hire works like any on-shore employee working from home. They work in the desired business hours to meet the business goals.

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