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The Virtual Team Background

  • The Virtual Team’s operation is headed by the Founder, Mr. Rohit Sahdev. An Entrepreneur with an expertise in the Australian market has built many successful teams over the past 15 years in Telstra, providing a soft layer of the local Australian management.
  • Over the years, Rohit Sahdev has built a team with strong work ethics, trustworthiness, and fluency in the English language. He has ensured that the offshore Virtual Team is culturally appropriate and comfortable in Australian business etiquette and practice.
  • A customer-focused pioneer in the country, the Virtual Team has achieved numerous milestones, signifying our expertise and exploration of the emerging technologies and best industry practices. Today, we are a successful team of experienced professionals with a strong passion for offering unmatched services to our clients’ customers; and we are continuously growing strong. All our efforts are focused on becoming the driving force for Australian businesses looking for growth along with providing them financial advantages.
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What Virtual Team does?
  • We are a boutique organization that works on a one-dimensional approach, i.e. finding the best talent for your organization, and then directing them towards meeting with your business goals.
  • We provide a soft layer of local Australian management, whilst ensuring that the offshore team of your business is culturally appropriate and comfortable with Australian business etiquettes and practices.
  • We provide cost-effective, highly skilled and qualified professional virtual assistants, who work remotely but are supported and trained with regard to the Australian culture and services.
  • Our commitment and focus on supporting Australian businesses to optimize their customer support and experience shall provide an operational and competitive advantage to Australian businesses.
  • The Delivery model will be similar to that of a locally supported one, where your customers will have direct one on one access to the resources that they have subscribed. We hustle so that you reap the benefits.
  • The Virtual Team thrives to survive in the industry with the mission of helping its clients achieve their business goals whilst reducing their costs and making their processes efficient, effective and agile.
  • We understand our clients’ needs, match our incentives with their goals, collaborate and unlock the complete potential of their business; thereby building strong and enjoyable relationships.
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