Businesses are Turning to Outsourcing to Save Cost

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Businesses are Turning to Outsourcing to Save Cost

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The manner that firms operate has altered as a result of COVID. Companies have adopted remote work (had to). Although the CEO of Goldman Sachs may have referred to remote work as “aberration,” it is unavoidable.


Fortunately, technology has simplified remote work. Nowadays, as opposed to just ten years ago, you can work from a laptop the majority of the time, talk with people all over the world, and find, buy, and sell nearly anything online. This opened up the possibility of linking people, businesses, and clients from anywhere, regardless of their geographic location.


Companies have learned that they can hire the best people from anywhere in the world thanks to the shift to remote work. They were no longer restricted to hiring only local residents due to geography. Now, almost everyone can work virtually from anywhere, and they discovered that they can cut costs by up to 70%. A globalised labour pool and a huge opportunity for corporations have been created by remote work!


Labor shortages and cost-cutting post-COVID

People have started to embrace digitalisation as physical interactions at work become less important. This transition is evident in how frequently people now use online resources like Gmail, Zoom, Trello, WhatsApp, Facebook, LinkedIn, and hundreds of others.


The majority of industries, especially those in technology and hospitality, are experiencing a global worker shortage. Despite the pandemic, there is a serious labour shortage in several places and record-low unemployment. Due to travel constraints, businesses find it challenging to recruit local workers who are qualified for their positions.


At the same time, the pandemic has affected numerous businesses, forcing them to cut expenses, adapt, and start again. Companies are now required to work with less resources. Businesses are searching for alternatives as a result of the challenging conundrum of reducing expenses while advancing.


Competitors of yours are using offshore staffing


Companies have been driven to seek outside their borders for staffing due to a talent scarcity and the need to find affordable employment options. Businesses all over the world have learned that outsourcing is a practical alternative for their operations as a result of this quest. Virtually any company can use offshore staffing. Early adopters typically include IT enterprises, professional services firms, and online businesses, although plumbers, eateries, and hospitals have also effectively integrated offshore workers into their operations.


In addition to having to pay astronomically high salaries, Western enterprises must also pay high employer contributions, taxes, insurances, as well as equipment and office expenses. Salaries are already costly, but once you factor in everything else, you might easily pay an additional 45% to 90%. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that companies are increasingly becoming aware of and using outsourcing services in Australia.

offshore staffing

Benefits are obvious: Save 70%!


More than only “call centres” and “cheap labour” are involved in offshore staffing. Businesses can get highly trained people and advanced all-inclusive support systems at a fraction of the cost by outsourcing to offshore leading nations like the Philippines:


Largest variety of roles. Nowadays, you can outsource anything done online, including accounting, sales, marketing, admin, research, architecture, and even medicine!

A complete package. All of your expenses, including as hiring personnel, providing them with training, and purchasing tools and equipment, are covered by a single fixed charge.

Cost-effective. Access outstanding staff for a much lower cost. Businesses are discovering that they can typically cut expenditures by 70% overall. That’s a significant sum of money!


Join countless other companies and consider outsourcing


You owe it to your company to look into outsourcing if you haven’t already. Even while outsourcing might not be the best option for you right now, since all of your rivals are using it, you need at least be aware of what it entails. If you don’t get on board with the trend given its increasing popularity and market dominance, your company risk losing its competitive edge.


Start-up for outsourcing is simpler than you might imagine. It is economical, adaptable, and typically free of ties. There are numerous tools available on the market that you can use for free to learn more about outsourcing, offshore staffing, and other aspects of the business. For many years, Virtual Team have provided services to companies of various sizes across Australia. Our clients trust us to find them qualified applicants for open positions so that they save money on operational cost. The individuals we chose are now working in a wide variety of industries, contributing to cost savings for businesses of all sizes.


Our first-rate outsourcing services mean that we can help you find the most qualified candidates for open jobs. In addition, you should expect to notice a substantial decrease in running costs. Do you want to expand your company through offshoring? Start your outsourcing journey today with Virtual Team.

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