How Australian Business Owners are Reducing Costs with Back-Office Outsourcing Services?

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How Australian Business Owners are Reducing Costs with Back-Office Outsourcing Services?

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Businesses are increasingly looking for ways to reduce their operational costs with the sole objective of growth. They want to achieve this by outsourcing all the non-core activities which are repetitive, can be done remotely and there is no risk.

Virtual Team is amongst leading outsourcing providers in Australia that helps businesses to focus on growth by building an offshore team. Most of our clients have seen up to 70% in cost – reduction. They were able to use the savings in growing the company. Here is how it works.

Identification of Back-Office Activities

In every business there are several activities that are done or record-keeping, updating the customer details, and maintaining the book of accounts. For several small businesses, keeping a dedicated team to manage these back-office tasks is very expensive and strains the finances.

At Virtual Team, we help such businesses by creating a job description, tag the role with a suitable designation, and lay down the skill and expertise requirements for the candidate for the role.

Creating Positions and Comparing Budgets

As a small business owner, you need to create positions for the roles. There are compliance that need to be taken into account as well. Considering them along with the monthly budget to hire a local candidate gives an idea of how expensive it would be to hire locally.

Virtual Team helps you at every step when you are creating position and budgeting for it. We also help you compare the costs of local candidate vis-à-vis offshore candidate. It helps you get a fair idea of how you can save.

Saving by Hiring Offshore Candidate

Most of our clients have saved significantly by offshoring such positions to offshore candidates. In fact, you can see costs reducing by up to 70%. Moreover, there is no compliance cost that incurs.

As soon as you create a position that needs to filled with an offshore candidate, we start working on it. Our team searches through the various sources to identify potential candidates for the position. We conduct thorough interviews to shortlist the most suitable candidates. These candidates interact with you and those that you will choose will make your team.

No Compliance Costs

When you hire a new candidate, there are minimal or no compliance requirements that have to be met. For small business owners, it’s a big help as they can focus more on growing their business and less on other things.

When you hire an offshore candidate with Virtual Team, there is compliance burden. It helps to reduce the costs even further and save a lot of time and effort that can be utilised to build business.

Doing Away with On-Premise Facility

When you hire a local candidate, there are several arrangements that have to be made. You need to get office space, furniture, IT infrastructure, network and other facilities. When these costs are added, these add up to the expenses that many small businesses want to avoid.

When you hire an offshore team from us, there is no need to create any infrastructure. The team works remotely, and only the needed software is required to deliver the results.

Building an Offshore Team

An offshore candidate that takes the responsibility of back-office processing, and helps you to save, and there are several other benefits too. You can use the savings in growing the company with an offshore team that makes your business run round the clock.

We have helped several businesses grow beyond borders by extending their team with offshoring. Outsourced IT Support will ensure that your business runs round the clock.

Virtual Team – Leader Amongst Outsourcing Service Providers in Australia

We have been serving businesses small and large in Australia for the past several years now. They rely on us to hire talented candidates to fill various vacant roles and reduce operational costs. The candidates that we selected are now working across different industry verticals and helping business save money as well.

With industry leading back-office outsourcing services, we can ensure that you get the best talent to fill the vacant positions. Moreover, you will see a significant reduction in the operational costs.

Want to grow your business with offshoring?

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