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Outsource Customer Support – Focus on Business Growth Instead

outsource customer support

Most Australian businesses are in revival mode. Post-pandemic they are tweaking their business models, streamlining processes with a sole objective – business growth. 

Adding new customers takes time and incessant focus.  

Need help? 

Hire a virtual team who will support various business functions. Let the team greet customers, schedule appointments, resolve existing customer issues, conduct sales meetings and even offer technical support.  

We have helped many Australian businesses hire outsource customer support that works successfully. They have started to realize these benefits already. 

1| Lower Cost Operations 

The pandemic has forced many businesses to rethink the way they do business. Remote work environment is now permanent and teams are working from home and still fulfilling their responsibilities.  

A virtual team works the very same way and supports business from an offshore location. However, there is a significant difference in the total cost of operation due to lower cost. 

  • there is no need to spend huge sums on purchasing or renting offices 
  • remote teams don’t need expensive hardware infrastructure set-up 
  • process is streamlined and execution is more efficient 

Many of our customers have used these savings to expand their business. Putting in place an in-house team needs time, money and resources that can be saved with a virtual team. 

2| Flexibility to Scale Business 

Growth comes from expanding businesses into new areas, starting new business lines with additional products and services.  

Our virtual teams are ready to support your expansion plans. Our sales associates quickly understand the business requirements and deliver results. Hire customer support team that is trained to deliver high-level of customer satisfaction.  

Many SMBs across the country that reduced the operations during the past years are gearing up to handle the growth.  

  • virtual team can handle any sudden spike and ensure that customers get best services. 
  • capital expenses on creating infra for scaling in-house team is not needed. 

Focus on business expansion and growth, and our team will stand with you firmly for any support. 

3| Easy Access to The Best Talent 

Many small and middle scale businesses operate within a particular location. It is not always possible for such growing businesses to find the best talent locally.  

Hiring a virtual team helps you tide over this problem easily. We have helped many businesses find the most suitable candidates. Our rigorous screening process ensures every candidate appears for many rounds of interaction before finally getting selected. 

The finalized candidates are well aware of your specific business requirements. With appropriate training and guidance, they are well-prepared to fit your work-culture. 

4| Competition Readiness 

Only a handful of businesses have the scale to remain ahead of the competition. Most local businesses who are on their way to a build a renowned brand have to face stiff competition from other local businesses offering similar products or services.  

Those who decided for a virtual team wanted to remain ahead of their competitors. Our virtual sales associates ensure that your business grows fast. The customer support team ensures that every issue is resolved following the process in place. 

You are better prepared to handle the change in demand with flexibility to scale up the business operations without incurring significant costs.  

5| Renewed Focus on Core Business Activities 

Our customers now have all the time to focus on developing their core business competencies. They don’t have to worry about handling day-to-day customer issues.  

Core competencies need time and focus. For instance, if you are a technology provider, the focus should be more on developing latest versions with updated functionalities. Leave the tech support to our virtual team.  

6| Increased Revenue 

Having a virtual team benefits business in many ways. Sales increases when a skilled team interacts with customers. Our team goes beyond rendering a solution, they try to find every opportunity that exists for your business with a customer.  

Many businesses that we have served, have seen their revenue rise due to 

  • effective sales operations 
  • lower cost of doing business 
  • business expansion 
  • new product launch due to focus on core business 
  • referrals from satisfied customers 
  • better brand image 

Outsourcing in Australia is easier than you think. Let us find the best team for your business and watch revenue rising. 

Virtual Team – Helping You with Best Offshore Team 

We have helped many Australian businesses provide excellent customer support. With enhanced customer experience, satisfaction level has also increased.  

We have screened 550+ candidates who are rendering their services across 6 industries and 26 clients. Most of our customers have benefitted in many ways – more lead generation, better customer support, seamless back-office processing, and remote IT support.  

Speak to our consultants and find more about how outsourcing in Australia can support your business. 

Reach us now, and we will put together the best offshore team for your business. 

Mail: rohit.sahdev@virtualteam.net.au and Call: +61 2 8350 6927 

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