4 Benefits of Hiring Offshore Customer Service Agent for Telco Business

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4 Benefits of Hiring Offshore Customer Service Agent for Telco Business

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During 2020-21 there were 119,400 complaints were made as per the data with Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman, Australia. (Source – TIO Report) 

Out of these, 47.1 per cent had a connection, change of provider or service quality issue. These numbers indicate that the customers aren’t able to get the service as desired. It also points to a gap in the services offered by the telco providers. 

        Source: TIO 

Virtual Team can help telco businesses fill this gap with a team of offshore customer support agents. This offshore team is capable of delivering the same quality of Australian customer experience but at a fraction of cost.  

We have helped several businesses leverage offshoring to reduce cost, render prompt customer service, without compromising on the service quality.

Here is how it benefits telco business. 


“Excellent customer service is the number one job in any company! It is the personality of the company and the reason customers come back. Without customers there is no company!”  


– Connie Elder 

Benefit 1 # Meets Customer Service Expectation Required in Your Business 

There are different qualities that the agent should possess to deliver satisfaction to your customers.  

  • Assurance – When a customer calls in, the agent should be able to communicate trust and show courtesy to them.  
  • Empathy – It’s the degree to which the specific needs and preference of the customer are understood with attention and steps taken to resolve the care. The agent should give due importance to every customer that he or she attends.  

The offshore agent delivers the same experience to the customers as any local personnel would.  

Virtual Team fully understands of your business needs and discusses the customer support agent requirements. We clearly list them and discuss with the stakeholders to create a job description which is approved by your team.  

A telco customer service agent can easily get drained due to the nature of the job – hearing the long calls about an issue, and offering a solution following the complex process.  

It goes without saying that a service agent should be resilient enough to deliver the same quality of customer experience on the call. When we identify the right candidates for the job, it’s something that we look at.  

Benefit 2 # Delivers Similar Customer Experience as a Local Candidate

The outsourced customer service representatives perform their duties like a local candidate. They will converse, follow your business process and complete their tasks as if they are working locally.  

Our recruitment team works hard to identify the most suitable candidates for the already approved role. We don’t rely only on the traditional ways – job portal database – to shortlist the candidates. The team also takes the advantage of social media to find the talent too. 

All the short-listed candidates are called for a face-to-face interview, during which we try to judge whether they possess all the qualities desired in a telco customer support agent for your business. Most importantly, we also find out whether they are capable of delivering similar customer experience like a local agent. 

At Virtual Team, we ensure that the candidates finalised are the most suitable match for the job and the quality is not compromised.  

Benefit 3 # Reduces Operational Cost Up To 70 Per Cent 

The offshore candidate that you finally decide on will work out of our offices in India. He or she will offer customer service following the process that already exists. It means you save on the local compensation cost, and the compliance cost too. Taking into consideration these costs and the other ones, the savings can be tremendous.  

Many of our clients have benefitted from outsourcing in Australia. Outsourced call center costs can help you save as much as 70 percent. Our clients plough these savings back in the business to grow it further.  

Benefit 4 # Flexibility to Scale Operations Up or Down as per demand  

Another significant advantage of hiring an offshore customer support agent is flexibility. Adding new team members is simple and inexpensive. For instance, if there is need to scale up the operations during the upcoming holiday season, it can be done effortlessly.  Similarly, reducing the team-size is simple as there are minimal complexities.  

At, Virtual Team, we work as your offshoring partner. Whether it’s short-term seasonal demand or a long-term business expansion, we help you build your own offshore customer service team. 


Virtual Team – Your Trusted Offshoring Partner  


We understand offshoring from Australia better than anyone else. Our experience spans across six industries and twenty-six clients.  

Our customer-oriented approach and adherence to high quality standards ensure that your offshore team mirrors the local team. 

Let’s discuss your requirements – talk to our offshoring consultants now. 

We are eager to work with you.  

+61 2 8350 6927 | rohit.sahdev@virtualteam.net.au 



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