Why Do Australian Companies Outsource Customer Support?

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Why Do Australian Companies Outsource Customer Support?

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Rising costs of customer support has made several companies rethink their approach to customer service. Several businesses have already started to find ways to reduce their expenses. Offshoring has helped Australian businesses reduce their costs, and it’s a proven strategy too.

Virtual Team is Australia’s leading offshore expert that helps its clients save on the customer service operation costs whilst ensuring enhanced customer service. Most business offshore their customer support for the following reasons.

Outsourced Customer Service Help to Reduce the Costs of Operations

It’s the primary reason to outsource customer service operations. Once a customer order has been received, it has to be processed at a price that doesn’t affect the profitability. However, local talent is expensive for several Australian small businesses, offshoring is the solution they look for.

Virtual Team helps small business to save on the costs with offshoring. Our clients have seen savings with operational costs reduction up to 70%. We find the right talent who works the same way as a local talent.

Improve Customer Experience Significantly

When customer queries are answered promptly, their satisfaction level rises. A satisfied customer is a loyal customer and comes back to your business. For small and growing businesses, it’s crucial to have a full operational customer support team.

Our relentless focus on small businesses has enabled us to quickly find the right candidates at a low cost from the offshore location and build the team. Your offshore team performs to achieve the same goals that a local team would.

Get Access to Right Candidates Unavailable Locally

Another key reason why Australian businesses outsource is unavailability of desired candidates. In some categories, the skill shortage so severe that small business can’t find the local talent in spite of posting ads on the various job sites and newspaper. Even if the talent is available after a long wait, the small business can’t afford it.

Example – Customer Service Specialist (Loans)

Job Description –

  • Become the single point of contact for the customers who interact with the company.
  • Deliver a delightful experience to the customers who call or email.
  • Support the team members in preparing customer files.
  • Understanding the customer priorities and providing insights that the customer would like to get.
  • Resolve the customer queries that may arise proactively.

The skill requirement changes with industry, and that also changes the job description. As Australia’s offshoring expert, we keep a close eye on the skill shortages in the country. We regularly reach out to small businesses and identify the skills they need in their industry. The talent requirement varies from one industry to the other. The job description varies and the skill requirements too. We find the right talent offshore, even if the talent is unavailable locally. Your operations will never face a skill shortage with us.

Run Their Operations Throughout Day & Night

A local team works only during the business hours. For a growing business, it could mean a loss in productivity. However, it would be very expensive to have a local team that work in the odd-hours. Small businesses in particular find it untenable.

At Virtual Team, we help you hire the right candidates for the job. Thanks to offshoring, your team will work in those hours when the local team is unavailable. The operations will run round the clock. Moreover, you are also going to see significant cost savings too. With virtual assistant outsourcing, you can ensure better customer service and use the savings in growing your business.

Virtual Team – Your Partner in Outsourcing Customer Support

We have helped several Australian businesses to successfully outsource their business operations. It helped them to contain costs and render a better customer support. Our customers have saved up to 70% in cost reduction.

We can help you to outsource customer service profile with ease. However, there are several things that we look into – it begins with a thorough understanding of your business, the job description and also the skills and experience needed for the profile. Our team will then create a road map or hiring the most suitable candidate for your business. Usually, the new team member joins within 4-6 weeks.

Speak to our consultant and discuss your requirements now!

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