How Can Offshoring Lead Generation Reduce ‘New Clients Acquisition Cost’?

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How Can Offshoring Lead Generation Reduce ‘New Clients Acquisition Cost’?

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Small businesses across different industry verticals have been trying their best to get the growth to pre-pandemic level. It is visible in their rising operating expenses – an increase of 40% as against the 24% in the previous year (Source: ABS). Rise in staff costs has also contributed to increase in the price of product and services. The cost of acquiring new clients has gone up as well with the rise in demand for telemarketing specialists.

Offshoring in this scenario is the right way to grow business. You can hire an experienced and skilled lead generation specialist from an offshore location that work the same way as an on-shore employee. However, there is a significant cost-advantage. Most of our customers, who chose to go for lead generation services in Australia and went ahead to build an offshore team, have seen cost-reduction by up to 70 per cent.

Qualified and Skilled Candidates Who Come at a Fraction of Cost

Lead generation requirements vary from one business, and that’s why the selection of candidates has to be very focussed. A clear job description plays a significant role in this. If you have one, it helps else, we will create one specific for this role with your inputs.

Virtual Team’s recruitment experts make a discussion with your team to discuss on the key responsibilities of the candidates. Only after the job description is finalised, we will begin the task of searching the right candidates. We search and shortlist those candidates that meet the requirements and are ready to work in Australian business hours.

Work On the Desired KPIs while keeping the costs low

Every business decides on some KPIs to ensure that it meets the desired business goals. The indicators vary from one business to the other. If you have some parameters in place that are used to judge the performance of the on-shore team, your offshore team will deliver the performance on similar parameters.

At Virtual Team, we ensure that the candidates we hire have the sufficient experience and the qualification. Only those with a proven track record are shortlisted and eventually get selected in your team. Moreover, in the of lead generation specialists, they deliver results like any on shore employee working from home.

More Client Additions Driving Down the Costs

A small business often finds it difficult to run their operations round the clock like their larger peers. The reason – it can’t build and maintain an expensive team for such operations. However, when you have an offshore team working for you, things are very different.

Virtual Team helps you build such a team with offshoring. The biggest advantage for small business is that now they can run their business beyond the regular business hours. It means lead generation activities for round the clock, leading to increased growth. When there are more conversions in your business, the overall cost of adding a new client also goes down.

No Need for Expensive Office Set-up

Having a local team can be expensive as compared to an offshore team. There is no need to get a large office, so the expense is saved. Moreover, there is no need for creating IT infrastructure, which also adds to savings.

Your offshore team works remotely like any other on-shore employee working from home. There is no need for any physical office space, thereby reducing the cost of sales operations.

It also reduces few lines of expenses.

Our customers have realised up to 70 % reduction in their operation costs, boosting the profitability significantly.

No Payroll Costs

Offshoring also helps you to reduce the compliance burden that come along with hiring of a local employee. So, when you add an offshore team member, there is no need for local compliance and that expense is also a saving.

We have helped several small businesses reduce their compliance burden significantly. With an offshore team, the payroll costs aren’t applicable, thereby reducing the cost of operations.

Virtual Team – Leader Amongst Outsourcing Companies in Australia

We have been serving local business by providing the right offshore talent for various roles. Since inception, we have served more than 26 clients for the different roles. Our clients have realised up to 70% in cost reduction.

Offshoring lead generation can significantly reduce your costs, and we’ll help you find the right talent specific to your business needs. Need IT support outsourcing services instead?

Discuss your requirements with experts who have to make offshoring easy!

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