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Loan Processing

Processing loan can be a demanding task that consumes huge amount of time and eats away at your productivity and bottom line profits. Overflowing Emails, never-ending client meetings and discussions with the lenders, and massive paperwork are few of the realities that Australian mortgage brokers face.

Are you facing the same struggle of spending too much time chasing clients for information and banks for updates? Virtual Team can come to the rescue.

We offer dedicated resources who are trained in processing home loan application for Australian mortgage industry at a fraction of the cost as compared to on-shore. Your dedicated staff will work on Australian time zone thus enabling you to concentrate on acquiring more customers, focus on core business operations, and eliminate the cost of hiring in-house, subsequently increasing your profitability.

Virtual Team

Virtual Team (VT) specializes in providing dedicated, cost-effective, highly skilled and qualified professionals, working remotely from India who are supported and trained by our Head office in Australia. The Delivery model will be similar to that of a locally supported one , where your on-shore office and customers will have direct one on one access to the resources they have subscribed to.

579Candidates Screened
6Industries Covered
26Happy Clients Served
4160Productive Hours Per Month

Virtual Team Differentiator

Dedicated Staff
  • Culturally integrated within your onshore team
  • Delivers a seamless end-user experience
Scalability and Flexibility
  • Scaling the repetitive tasks at a fraction of the current cost
  • Flexible enough with ease of upscaling or downscaling your operations
Financial Savings
  • Benefit global labor arbitrage phenomenon
  • The onus of employee liability factors like HR, real estate etc. is on us
Individual Planning
  • Modified approach to the needs of your business
  • Successful completion of the demands of each situation
24*7*365 Capabilities
  • Benefit of the time difference in both the countries
  • Trained personnel stretch through their comfort zones, meeting the needs of your business
Long-term Partnership
  • Collaborative Recruitment Process with ongoing Training
  • Continuous Peer and Strategic Review