5 Proven Ways to Make Prospects Realize They Need Your Product or Service

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5 Proven Ways to Make Prospects Realize They Need Your Product or Service

Newbies in the sales industry, often feel the urge to tell the prospects that their “product is the best in the market”. Truth is this could make prospects lose interest in the product because big claims are being made to them right away and they are likely not to believe them. In fact, the key is not to rush into talking about the product or service. If you want to sell effectively, making the prospect feel comfortable when they talk to you is very important.  It is so because people tend to talk to and buy from someone they knew and trust.Sales is the oxygen to a business and but is a tough nut to crack. So, how can one go from asking how to become a better salesperson to becoming one? Here are five proven ways to make the prospects want your product or services and help you at selling effectively.

  • Customize your approach; tell a different story every time. Every individual is different – they have different taste, different needs and different pains. As a salesperson, you should know this and you have to tailor your approach accordingly. Because, it very likely that same sales pitch may work for some but others might not be buy it.

But how will you identify your prospects pains and needs? The answer is relatively simple; you ask them – ask about their current setup, focus on their pain and simply offer a solution. You could also do a little research on your prospect before calling them. Check on their social media profiles, the entire world is on social media.

  • Focus on your prospect, put yourself in their shoes, and find out their pain areas and associate pain with pleasure. Rather than just talking about your product or service listen to what prospects are saying. So how to find out their pain? Again, ask about their current setup. You could ask about what product or service they are currently using, how it is working for them, are they satisfied or facing any challenges, or are there areas that they wished to improve, etc.

By asking these question you are trying to find out what problem are the prospects facing and what solution you can offer them. One key point, while offering your solution you shouldn’t forget to empathize with them. You could use lines like “I see what you’re going through” or “I understand where you’re coming from”.

There may be times, when your prospects don’t know they have a problem. You have to dig in and point out the problems to them. Make them feel that you understand what they are going through and offer solutions while making it sound like you are the only one who can help them.

  • Curiosity is a necessary evil. While talking to your prospects don’t tell them everything about your product. Curious prospects are likely to listen to you – whether they need it or not.
  • Before you introduce your product or service, build anticipation in your prospects. Tell what’s in it for them when they listen to you.
  • Lastly, tell them a success story but do not finish it. People relate to success and would want for themselves as well. A good salesperson uses this as great opportunity to sell his product or service. You could use your client’s name you have worked with in the past. For example: “You’re probably wondering how [client company] became number 1 in the industry? You’ll be surprised how they managed to grow exponentially and stay ahead in the competition.

In rare cases only there’s a prospect who is interested in buying your product or service from the very beginning. So, it’s advisable to do practice and prepare yourself in advance. They might say no for now, but work on building a relationship first, and ultimately they will say yes when they are ready to buy from you.

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