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Lead Generation
  • The Virtual Team helps you hire professionals that will drive sales for your business through Outbound and Inbound calling. The experienced personnel is trained in a way that they focus only on the targeted audience, whilst focusing on productive result generation.
  • We hire and train the candidates that are a cultural fit for your organization and make sure that there are no language, time or location limitations in the functioning of the processes undertaken.
  • We develop customer’s interest in your business by providing the services of Outbound Sales, Inbound Sales, and Tele-Appointing to its customers.
  • The specialists that we hire will work continuously to generate as many leads for your business through telephones. Each call made by your virtual staff is a business relationship call with your customer, driven towards growing the sales of your business.
  • Our trained personnel also provide After-sales assistance to your customers by fixing appointments for your prospective customers. We ensure that we hire the personnel that has the skill of offline lead generation with expertise in nurturing meaningful relationships with qualified leads and building valid results.

Latest Blogs

4 Great Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Team

A virtual team is your team, but one that doesn’t sit in your office. It is a team of expert professionals handling specific activities of your organization, with one essential difference – This team is not sitting out of your office space and you are not responsible for them, but the team members are accountable...

Make Sure You Do Not do this if You are Running a Virtual Team

With the increasing use of technology and easier means of communication, small to medium enterprises are open to hiring virtual teams, where the employees sit remotely and work for an organization that is based out of other state, country or even time zone. In fact, smaller organizations prefer global teams far before they have reached...

Step by Step Guide to Cross-Cultural Training for Offshore Development Team

Teams with virtual employees have become a norm for businesses today. Having a team that works for the achievement of your organizational goals. Irrespective of where your employees are based out of, it is vital to address your company’s culture and to orient them with the standards that your company has set in place. However,...

“Efficient Expertise “— Boost your productivity with Virtual Team

“The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule but to schedule your priorities” According to a survey, the average entrepreneur spends approx. 68% of their time tackling day-to-day operations, and only about 32% on their business’ long-term goals and strategic planning. As 73% of business owners would prefer to work on their business,...

Top 5 Reasons Why Australian Companies Prefer Outsourcing Virtual Staff to India

With a population of more than 200 billion in India, Australian companies are actually looking for such a hotbed where the talent is available in plenty. This can be the one, but the five main reasons are being enumerated to make everyone know why most of the Australian companies generally look to outsource their projects to offshore countries like India. Perfection is the Key: The first and foremost thing that the companies actually think...

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